Electronics maker Infinix launched its latest wearable fitness tracker about a week back in the Indian market. As part of the launch, the company shared details about specifications, features, pricing, and availability. According to the announcement, the Infinix Band 5 is now available on Flipkart. Buyers interested in getting their hands on the wearable can head to the e-commerce website to make the purchase. As previously noted, the wearable is the successor to the Infinix XBand 3 that launched earlier this year. Band 5 brings a number of improvements to the table when compared with the XBand 3.

Infinix Band 5 features, specifications, and pricing

Taking a closer look, the wearable is priced at Rs 1,799 on the e-commerce website. For contrast, the XBand 3 is available at Rs 1,599. The company is not removing the XBand 3 from the market. Taking a look at the differences between both the wearables, the most noticeable is the display on the Band 5. It features 0.95-inch IPS LCD color display stepping out of the monochromatic color. In addition, the new band also comes with IP67 certification for dust and water resistance. The company has also added support for continuous heart rate monitoring on the new version.

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As per past reports, the wearable can keep track of a number of important parameters. These include the number of steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep. It also showcases the notifications from your smartphone for things like calls, text and WhatsApp messages, and more.

Users can also keep track of important information including weather forecasts, search your phone, alarms, and reminder. Infinix uses its Infinix Life2.0 app to store and sync the tracking data. The device also comes with a 90mAh battery that can offer up to seven days of use on one single charge. In addition, it also comes with 23 days of standby support.