New Delhi: Popular social media application Instagram crashed on July 3, in the US and UK and soon its parent company Facebook and sister company Whatsapp started to face serious technical difficulties.

Users facing trouble with any of the three applications are advised to remain calm and report it to respective apps.

According to tracking website Down Detector, the issues started at around 2:49 PM BST. The outrage monitor also stated technical difficulties were particularly faced on the eastern side of the United States and have also seemed to have occurred in Europe, South America and East Asia.

Users have taken Twitter, which continues to stand tall, to rant about the worldwide app crash.

On Instagram, over 2,100 users have reported trouble in updating their feed as they are unable to post anything new. On the other hand, Facebook is mainly facing trouble in displaying photos.

Meanwhile in India, while Whatsapp chat interface and Instagram posts are working fine, sharing any form of media appears to be frozen. Facebook users also seem to be facing the same issue in India.

All three social media platforms are owned by Facebook. In a previous incident of a major crash, the parent company had blamed the problem on a server issue that lasted for hours.