Following the trend of ‘Dark mode’ in mobile operating system and apps, Instagram for Android has also rolled out a dark theme. As first reported by XDA-Developers, the latest alpha update of the Instagram app on Android has brought the dark mode as well.

Instagram’s Android app dark mode is essentially an AMOLED dark theme, which isn’t available for all. First users with Android 10 devices or Samsung’s One UI will be able to take advantage of this new feature. Second they are required to download the latest alpha update version for Android.

Instagram hasn’t provided any toggle in the Android app to switch to the dark theme, instead users with Android 10 or One UI can only experience this feature by enabling phone’s built-in dark mode. As per report, the dark theme in Instagram for Android currently follows the system-wide toggle. Also, it isn’t perfectly dark for now and majority of the UI elements are still light.

Meanwhile, the firm has also rolled out new Music feature for users in India as well. The Instagram Music was launched globally last year, and allows users to add music to Instagram Stories. All Instagram users in India will now be able to share their Stories with music. Instagram Music works like any other sticker in Stories and lets you add a soundtrack to your story.

The feature is being rolled out to Instagram users in India on both Android as well as iOS. If you don’t see the feature just yet then the first thing to do is to update your app. Check for a new version on Google Play and App Store. Alternately, you can also force quit the app, which should add the Music sticker.