The smartphone has become an important part of our life today, but many times we start facing problems when we are not able to clear storage. No matter how much space you have in your iPhone, but some unnecessary things get collected which affects the speed of the phone. Due to the lack of cache cleaner at the system level in iOS, you have to clear the cache in several steps. In iPhone, we first start by clearing the cache from the default browser Safari.Also Read - Good News! Apple iPhone 13 Gets Massive Price Cut Ahead of Diwali | Details

How to Clear Caches on iPhone

  1. For the apps you are not using, go to Settings, then to General, then to iPhone Storage. Now tap on Enable followed by Offload Unused Apps.
  2. To free up space by deleting photos, upload them to iCloud and delete the rest of the copies. For this, go to Settings, then General then go to iPhone Storage. Now tap Enable followed by Optimize Photos.

How to Clear Storage on iPhone

Stop Saving Text Messages

By default, all types of messages sent and received are saved in the iPhone. Firstly, turn it off. Go to the message setting of the setting and delete the old message from there. Also Read - iPhone 13 Review: Features, Camera Specifications, Price, Worth Buying or Not? Revealed

Do Not Save Double Photos

On iPhone, if you use HDR mode and Instagram app, then the same photo will be saved twice in your phone. Go to Photos and Camera in Settings and turn on Keep Normal Photo and turn off Save Original Photos by going to Profile Settings of the Instagram app. After this only one photo will be saved on your phone. Also Read - iPhone 13 Series : Black Market Rates Of iPhone 13 Pro And Pro Max Out | Tech Reveal

Clear Browser Cache

If you use the Safari browser, your iPhone will have a web history that you don’t need. Go to Safari’s Settings and clear History and Website Data. Similarly, you can clear the history and cache of other browsers.

Delete Reading List

Safari browser has the facility to create an offline reading list which takes up a lot of space. You can clear this by going to the settings of the Safari app.

Delete Downloaded Podcasts

You don’t realize it and you end up downloading a lot of podcasts that are unlikely to be used again. If more podcasts have been downloaded, delete them by going to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage and tapping on Podcasts, although you will have to delete them one by one as there is no option to delete simultaneously.

How To Clear Safari Cache

  1. Go to Settings, then go to Safari and click on Clear History and Website Data.
  2. Click on Clear History and Website Data once again.
  3. If you are having trouble opening a particular website, go to Settings, then Safari then clicks on Advanced, then (Website Data) Website Data.
  4. Now search that website from the search bar. Then swipe left and tap Delete to clear the cache.

How to Clear Apps Cache on iPhone

  1. There is no specific way to clear the cache of third-party apps on the iPhone. The option of clearing the cache is provided with some apps, but in most this option is not there. Still, if there is a problem with a particular app, then uninstall and reinstall it.