10,000 Google Employees Likely To Be Affected With New GRAD Performance Review System | Read Why

Google joins super giants Twitter, Meta in layoff season as its new performance review system called GRAD is likely to impact around 10,000 employees.

Updated: December 28, 2022 8:12 PM IST

By Shrimansi Kaushik | Edited by Shrimansi Kaushik

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Google's new performance review system will put 10,000 under the risk of being laid-off.

Google To Layoff 10,000 Employees: Google, by introducing its new performance review system, has joined the bandwagon of super giant companies like Twitter, Amazon and Meta that have initiates massive employee layoffs this year. The tech companies ruled this mass firing of employees, with reports suggesting that November tech layoffs alone have surpassed 45,000 heads, with some of the biggest groups downsizing the fat by 10,000+ heads each.

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Following their lead, Google too,  has reportedly introduced a new performance review system this year, known as GRAD (Google Reviews and Development). It is said that around 10,000 employees are likely to be impacted as a result of this new system. Employees have complained about procedural and technical issues with GRAD close to the year-end deadlines.


Under this new ranking system, it is estimated that about 6 percent of full-time employees will fall into a low-ranking category in comparison to the 2 percent previously. Further, in the new ranking system, it will be harder to achieve high marks. It is estimated that about 22 percent of employees will be rated within one of the two highest categories, unlike the 27 percent before.

In other words, the company’s employees will be at risk for low-performance ratings and fewer are expected to reach high marks under GRAD, reports CNBC. For instance, in the highest-rated category, as per the new system, an employee must have “achieved the near-impossible” and contributed “more than we thought possible.”


Reports suggest the search giant may let go of 10,000 employees following the implementation of the performance improvement plan. Unfavourable market circumstances, the need for lowering the expenses, etc., may be behind this move, suggest multiple media reports.

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Published Date: December 28, 2022 7:10 PM IST

Updated Date: December 28, 2022 8:12 PM IST