Apple’s plans of setting up a manufacturing facility in India might still be in the doldrums but that hasn’t stopped Indians from getting super excited. Since the news of Apple setting up a manufacturing unit in India broke out, all we can talk of is how the Apple Peenya factory in Bengaluru will affect Indians and what will be the repercussions of Apple’s Made in India iPhones. As reports suggested, Apple will initially not manufacture all gadgets but will restrict itself to a couple of gadgets and slowly ramp up productions. However, that Apple plans to commence manufacturing at the Indian factory as soon as April means an Indian-made iPhone for the first time ever and the idea sure seems exciting. But then, with the government refusing to give Apple tax benefits, will the iPhone 8 still be as cheap as expected?Also Read - Aptronix Opens 10 New Stores in Delhi-NCR, Ludhiana; Becomes Apple India’s Largest National Partner

Apple has constantly been in talks with the Modi government, urging them to provide tax breaks and incentives. Tim Cook’s visit to India and his meeting with PM Narendra Modi sparked off a series of rumours regarding  Apple setting up stores in the country. Apple recently confirmed the news and suggested that they might come up with a manufacturing facility in the country and would even set up Apple stores in India. Till date, Apple sold iPhones and other Apple gadgets through it’s licensed re-sellers and distributors in the country. While there has been pressure on Apple to open stores in the country, the government has been pushing the brand to source locally and create Made in India iPhone under Modi’s Make in India scheme. But in retaliation, Apple has demanded incentives from the government. Also Read - List of Smartphones That Are Made in India

The government has not been too keen to provide Apple the demanded breaks as it would lead to partiality on their part and they would then have to extend the same benefits to even other manufacturers. Many other leading brands, like Samsung have already started manufacturing in the country. However, the one thing that might happen with the tax breaks is, the iPhone might get even cheaper. Apple currently pays over 12 percent of manufacturing and production costs on iPhones and other Apple devices as import taxes and duties. With a Made in India iPhone, these costs might be eliminated, leading to a much cheaper device for Indians. Not only will the iPhone get relatively cheaper and at par with it’s international pricing, it will also mean better service and repairs through local Apple stores in the country. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users get an all new Instagram Also Read - Flipkart iPhone Days sale offers: iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 8 discounted

Apple has been trying hard to make inroads into the country. Right before news of Apple’s manufacturing plant emerged, Apple was embroiled in a controversy in the country regarding their plan to sell refurbished iPhones in India. However, the plan was rejected by both, the telecom and the commerce ministry and Apple had to stick to original, first hand phones and gadgets in the country. Apple has a huge fan following in the country and according to a recent survey, has been “the most reliable” brand in India. The Cupertino based giant has tied up with Wistron to manufacture in the country. While initial reports had suggested Foxconn might set up the first plant, Foxconn’s deal with OnePlus and Xiaomi took away Apple’s exclusivity and Apple shifted focus to Bengaluru plant by Wistron instead of Maharashtra. Vivo to launch Vivo V5 Plus with dual front camera in India on 23rd January 2016

With the confusion over Apple’s Indian incentives, it would be interesting to see how the brand prices products in the country. While a slight price-cut is definitely expected, will it bring iPhones and other Apple gadget’s pricing in line with it’s American pricing? Presently, there is a vast difference in the pricing of the smartphone in both countries leading to many people importing Apple gadgets despite a lack of warranty from abroad. Also, with an Indian facility, Apple might be able to sell the smartphone at the same time as the global launch as the issue of shipping and taxation will be resolved. Well, for the time being, let us wait and watch how the game plays out between Apple and the Modi. govt. With the govt. considering Apple’s demands, we might get to see cheaper gadgets sooner than expected!