New Delhi: A Malaysia-based startup has come up with a new mobile browser facility that seeks to deliver a user-friendly web experience for Muslims in particular. The Halal browser, known as ‘SalamWeb’, is designed to offer Sharia-compliant browsing experience in terms of messaging, provision of news amid offering a host of other features. Also Read - Apple App Store Temporarily Takes Down Google Pay, Updated Version to be Available Soon

The mobile web browser seeks to grab the attention of users in Malaysia and Indonesia. Website says, “We believe in a connected community of like-minded people, Muslims of all colours, races and nationalities, coming together to become one, a digital Ummah.” Similar to the site, the mobile app version contains many Muslim-specific functions, including the Qibla Compass which helps one perform ritual namaaz/prayers at the right time and an option where users get related quotes on a daily basis. Also Read - 7 Countries Indians Are Not Allowed to Visit Yet Including Malaysia And Germany

Yet another feature of the app is the “SalamProtect” feature. The website states, “SalamProtect is an advanced content filter that flags material that’s better to avoid. It’s controlled and customised by you and designed to help the whole Muslim community find enjoyable content. Stay focused on what matters most and turn off what doesn’t.” Also Read - #BoycottFrenchProducts Trends on Twitter After Emmanuel Macron's Comments on Islam & Prophet Mohammed Spark Outrage

Besides, users of the SalamWeb would contribute to a Muslim charity everytime they browse, chat or read the news. The mobile app can be downloaded on Google Play. It is also available on the Apple App Store.

The website added, “We are the world’s first Shariah certified web browser and digital ecosystem endorsed by Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board. In conformity with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) Islamic Digital Economy Mi’yar.”