The newest Mario Kart game to hit the markets is the new Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS. This new game seems to have landed in a soup as soon as it launched because Nintendo is keeping up its weird pricing policies. Many have already complained about the in-game pricing and microtransactions in the game. But it seems the newest inclusion in this list is that players won’t be able to play as the iconic character of Mario on Mario Kart Tour, unless they pay for it. Also Read - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury Launched. Nintendo Also Announces Switch Edition

While the game is free to download, players can only unlock the 50cc and the 100cc modes in-game. To unlock the 200cc mode players will have to pay a monthly subscription charge of Rs 419. Players start off as toad and can unlock other characters with Grand Stars and Rubies. But to unlock Mario players need to get rubies which require real money. Or right now they can get the New York Set that includes Mario for Rs 1,599. This is surprising considering that the previous Mario game for smartphones also did not work because of the wonky pricing by Nintendo. Also Read - Mario Kart Tour hits 129.3 million downloads in one month

Mario Kart Tour for Android and iOS devices was announced almost a year and half ago. Nintendo delayed the March release of the game citing quality concerns. US and Japan users were offered beta testing options for the same. The game has hit both Android and iOS devices today and can be downloaded now. It is a free to download game with in-app purchases.

“#MarioKartTour is here! Race around the world across a variety of new and classic courses! We hope you enjoy this first tour! Be sure to stay tuned here for the latest game news, because we’ve got a lot more coming. It’s finally here! GO!” Read the tweet from Nintendo.