Microsoft has acquired Montreal, Canada based AI startup, focused on machine learning based on usage pattern of the users. Microsoft did not disclose the amount of acquisition deal made. Microsoft intends to speed up the process of developement of its ‘software so computers can read, write and converse naturally,” the company said on joining hands with Malubba. The AI startup was founded by Kaheer Suleman and Sam Pasupalak.Also Read - Microsoft Rolls Out New Fluent Style Emoji in Windows 11 | Details Here

”Maluuba’s vision is to advance toward a more general artificial intelligence by creating literate machines that can think, reason and communicate like humans – a vision exactly in line with ours,” said Harry Shum, Vice President, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research Group Executive, in a blog post. With tech giants like Samsung, Amazon, Apple, Google, all diving into develop or create improved connected assistants, Microsoft has been working hard too. Microsoft setup their Artificial Intelligence and Research organization last year to strive in the competition. Also Read - Is Windows 11 Worth The Upgrade?

Artificial Intelligence of AI based assistants were the major attraction at the CES 2017, annual tech show which wrapped up last week only in Las Vegas. Amazon’s Alexa stole most of the show and recently Nokia branded by HMD Global has been tipped to working on their AI assistant named Viki. Microsoft, earlier opened up its Cortana SDKs (software development kits) to developers and public along with other tools that makes the development of AI-based applications smooth. Google also boasts of their Google Assistant on Pixel phones, released last year. Also Read - Microsoft: New Surface Windows 11 SE Launched By Microsoft Exclusively For Students | Features, Price Revealed

‘Much like its overall vision, Maluuba’s approach to research and engineering is also directly aligned with ours.’ said Shum in the post. Shum also seemed excited to have Yoshua Bengio on board. Bengio head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, is and expert in deep learning and would be advising Microsoft, as he did to Maluuba.

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Microsoft looks forward to ‘democratization AI’ and plans to bring AI to every person and organization with help of Maluuba and the team acquired.