The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass is a subscription game service from the company for Xbox players where titles were made available to those that subscribed. Microsoft brought the service to Windows as a new version of the subscription service altogether called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate earlier this year. Previously gamers could play the games with Game Pass service on either their PC or Xbox. But the condition was that the game had to be a PC game in order to be played on the PC, and there was no emulator involved in the whole thing. This was a result of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative with most of the games being Microsoft’s own games like Forza Horizon 4 and Gears of War 4.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription gives access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass games on Xbox and PC. The new subscription service from Microsoft, rolls Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass service into one subscription. This feature costs Rs 999 as a monthly subscription and was offered for the first month at Rs 50.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: New price offer

This discounted price is now back again and this time for three months. Microsoft is offering its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Rs 50 again, and this time around users can get three months worth. Users can choose to just subscribe for one month instead and will have to pay just Rs 50. But there is a point to noted here, which is that once the three months with Rs 50 offer is over Microsoft will auto renew the service at its usual price of Rs 2,999.

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This is a rather lucrative offer that users can definitely try out. And if they don’t like it, Rs 50 is not much of a dent for the pockets as well. It has some good games on offer like Subnautica, The Outer Worlds, Forza Horizon 4. These are titles worth trying out that come with the subscription.