Microsoft has just announced that it is holding a special Surface event on October 2 in New York City. The company is expected to launch new hardware at the launch event along with refreshed internals for existing devices. The company is also likely to launch its much anticipated dual-screen Surface device with the code name “Centaurus”. According to the information online, the company has been working on the device for more than two years. This rumored device is aimed at being the “hero device” for a new wave of dual-screen hybrid devices in the future.

Microsoft Surface event details

According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft showcases the dual-screen device at an internal meeting earlier this year. This likely indicated that the company may be ready to launch the device in the coming months. However, we are not sure if the company will actually launch the device at the event. This is because the company has killed a device just weeks before its scheduled launch in the past. The report did mention that if Microsoft did showcase the device, it will not be ready for shipping immediately. It is aiming at the year 2020 to launch its dual-screen Surface.

As part of the invite for the launch event, the company asked people to “Save the date”. Beyond this, the company is also likely to launch an upgraded version of its Microsoft Surface Book. Microsoft may also launch an updated Surface Laptop along with Surface Pro hardware at the event. It also stated that Microsoft may finally add a USB Type-C port in its Surface Pro tablet and the Surface Laptop series.

The company is also likely to issue a minor update to its Surface Go laptop at the launch event. We are not aware of any more details about the upcoming launch event but it is also possible that we may see a revamped Microsoft Surface Studio at the launch event.