Just yesterday, Microsoft unveiled a bunch of new devices at its Surface event in New York. Some of the devices that Microsoft unveiled were in line with our expectations. But, the biggest surprise was the announcement of dual-screen PC, and an Android-powered Surface Duo phone. The Microsoft Surface Neo is a PC that has two 9-inch touchscreens, a 360-degree hinge and pen support. It will ship with a new version of Windows 10, dubbed Windows 10X.

The company also revealed that users won’t get their hands on the new dual-screen device until 2020. When you open it you have a full-size 13-inch display. It leverages Gorilla Glass and what Microsoft describes as the “thinnest LCD ever created.” The Surface Neo is built around an Intel Lakefield processor, with an “11th Gen” graphics engine that controls both screens.

The device also can be used with Microsoft’s new Surface Pen, which attaches to the back. It also has a touch interface called Wonderbar. Interestingly, the keyboard is separate to the dual-screen device, but it magnetically attaches to the back. You can “fold” it out and place it on top of one of the two displays. By doing this, you will see the screen showing other input options in the left space. You can even use that space as a trackpad. Users will also be able to use the keyboard separately if desire a full view of both screens.

“With a dual-screen PC and Windows 10X, people can get things done on-the-go faster than ever: take notes on one screen while reviewing the full project proposal on the other while in transit; sit down at a table to write a thoughtful email on a hardware keyboard while waiting for lunch; and then watch a video, browse the web or read a book as you get back to your life,” the company said. Microsoft has mentioned that the new Windows 10X is for new dual-screen devices, and is not an OS upgrade if you already own a PC.