There’s some exciting news for Rainbow 6 Siege players who are fans of the Netflix Spanish language series Money Heist. Ubisoft has collaborated with Netflix to bring a mode based on the series to the game. Called Bank Heist, the new mode features the map Bank where the defenders will be wearing the trademark Dali masks from the series. The new mode is now live and will last till November 25.

The description on the blog page reads, “There’s a situation going on at the Bank. A hostage was taken, and it’s up to you to ensure their safety. The heist is ongoing, and the tension is coming to a head. For Rainbow Six: Siege’s first collaboration with Netflix, we are bringing you a short event themed after their Spanish-language series, La Casa De Papel.” The event descriptions goes that the Casa De Papel event is a classic Hostage match, where Attackers and Defenders must fight over a Hostage dressed in the series’ iconic mask and red jumpsuit. Hibana and Vigil are also equipped with the same look, should you pick them to play with.

Besides this there is a full set of four items for both Hibana and Vigil is available for purchase in the shop during the event and will be there for approximately a year. Hibana’s Heist Bundle contains the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Emboldened headgear, Tokyo charm and Regal Mint weapon skin for the TYPE-89. While Vigil’s Accomplice Bundle includes the Red Jumpsuit uniform, Nameless headgear, The Surrealist charm and Fresh Paper weapon skin for the K1A. All the details can be found here.

This is the second event that Rainbow 6 Siege has prepared for its players in the recent times. During Halloween we saw the Doktor’s Curse challenge being introduced which was not long ago. This game mode saw the devs give a fitting see off to the Theme Park map, before the new version kicked in.