Smartphone battery technology hasn’t had a significant break-through in a long time. The amount of space that a battery occupies has remained somewhat similar. In addition, the battery capacity density has also seen mere modest improvements. The slow pace of development exists regardless of several promising “concepts” on the research stage. This slow pace in battery density and capacity has pushed smartphone makers to change other aspects of the battery. Now, an increasing number of smartphone makers are looking at pushing larger amounts of currents at a higher voltage. This speeds up the battery charging process.

Fast charging technology; 0 to 80 in one minute

According to the report from GizChina, researchers have developed a new fast charging technology. This technology allows 0 to 80 percent charge in just one minute. This is remarkable faster than the current fastest charging solution showcased in the market. To recap, the 100W fast charging solution from Xiaomi holds the crown for fastest in the market. However, it is also worth noting that this technology is yet to reach any smartphone on a wider-commercial scale. The report shared some more information about this new technology. As noted, Professor Huang Yunhui from the University of Science and Technology of China presented this new technology at a forum.

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Professor Yunhui shared some information regarding the technology at the Peking University Global Alumni Forum on December 1, 2019. This new technology is associated with the “Construction and Synergy Mechanism of High-Performance Composite Electrode Materials for Energy Storage” project. The project was also placed second in the Natural Science competition back in 2016.

Taking a closer look, the project also uses nitrogen-doped hard carbon anode material for charging. The report noted that Huawei uses similar technology in its latest Huawei P30 series. P30 22.5W fast charging technology while the P30 Pro uses 40W fast charging technology. After this, Oppo developed a 65W charging technology while Xiaomi showcased 100W fast charging technology. The 100W technology can charge a 4,000mAh battery from 0 to 100 in just 17 minutes.