WhatsApp developers have continuously worked to adding new features to the app. Most of these new features make their way to the beta version of the app for Android and iOS. In fact, the company extensively tests the new features before adding them to the stable version. Usually, the shift from beta to stable version can take anywhere from 1.5-2 weeks to almost about a year. Most beta updates add iterative updates to the features before the developers finalize on the functionality and visual aspects of the design. As per a new report, developers have rolled out a number of new features and changes to the beta version of WhatsApp.

Upcoming WhatsApp features and changes

According to a report from WABetaInfo, the company is working on a new Block contact notice. As part of the feature, WhatsApp will showcase a small notice in a chat window information to the user. This notice will inform a user when they have blocked or unblocked any particular contact. The report noted that this notice will only be visible to the user who is blocking the other contact. WhatsApp will not send any notification to the person being blocked. This feature will also help users keep a track of the times when they have any particular contact.

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The company is also working on a new improvement to the Blocked contacts section. As part of the update, the app will automatically group the blocked contacts as per the type of contact. This will help users in segregating the blocked contacts and blocked businesses. It is worth noting that this list aggregation is automatic and users don’t have any manual control over it. As per the report, the company introduced both these features in the version 2.19.332.

Beyond these, the company has also rolled out a number of visual changes to the latest WhatsApp for iOS Beta. Version and come with a new Splash Screen with Facebook branding. This new splash screen is available both on the regular as well as Business version. The company has also updated its “Settings” section to update the Facebook branding. WhatsApp has also updated several UI elements including animations while archiving, pinning, and setting conversations as read or unread. Other changes include updated icons for photos, videos, documents, camera, read receipts, default group or profile symbols, and updated dark theme. The report also noted referenced to the new multi-platform system registration.