Seriously, this Reliance Jio-Airtel 4G fight is taking all of India by storm. Everyday, there is some news or the other regarding the two. It takes us right back to our school days where 2 taciturn children sitting on a bench could just not agree to anything – Airtel 4G and Reliance Jio feel the same. Everyday, one or the other runs complaining to TRAI about something and TRAI is forced to simply smile and sigh and send them their own way again. While initially it was about poor network not it is about free calling. The two just can’t let it rest. However, while they continue to bicker, Indians definitely are benefiting as following the lead of Reliance Jio, Airtel 4G too has launched some great offers in the country.Also Read - After Haryana, Airtel now shuts Punjab 3G network

However, on being quizzed about competing with  Reliance Jio’s free calling scheme, Airtel staunchly refused. While they admitted to considering dropping prices of their 4G plans in certain circles to compete with Reliance Jio, they would never offer calling for free. Calling it a simple tactic to improve numbers, Airtel’s strategy still remains the same – that of wooing customers through better network rather than lower rates. Also, Airtel is confident that Reliance Jio cannot offer free calling forever and thus, some day or the other, their free calling will end. It is after the free calling schemes end that Airtel will pounce in, check and compare the prices being offered by Reliance and match up to them accordingly. In the past month, Airtel has launched multiple offers where they either slash calling rates or international packs. However, when it comes to free calling, Airtel stays strong that it will not crumble. Google claims Android as safe and secure as iOS, will soon be better! Also Read - Airtel 4G Hotspot now offers 1.5GB data per day to new prepaid users

In recent times, Airtel has once again appealed to TRAI to step in. While Reliance Jio launched,t he announced free calling till 31st December. However, since this flouted rules of TRAI which said that service providers cannot provide any scheme beyond 90 days. However, since Reliance seemingly decided to cut calling on December 3rd, the issue seemed resolved. However, rumours once again began to float that Reliance will be launching their new offer which will keep free calling till the end of March 2017! Airtel has since then been up in arms against Reliance. Recently, according to a report submitted to TRAI, Airtel said that they have shared over 17,000 points of connection (PoI) with Reliance enabling them to improve their network. With a base of 17 million, Airtel feels Reliance is well equipped to manage with the large number of PoI. However, if the call drops still persist, TRAI needs to step in and take a look at what is ailing the 4G provider.  4 Problems with the latest MacBook Pro and Apple’s excuses for a disappointing product Also Read - Airtel offering Rs 1,000 cashback on its 4G hotspot device: Here is how to claim

Airtel has also accused Reliance for affecting their calls. Since there is to much of a stress on Reliance networks and on the shared networks, Airtel is also suffering call drops and poor network according to the service provider. While TRAI has yet to reach a verdict on the accusation,. Airtel refuses to bow down and continues maintaining the same. Also, recently, Airtel requested TRAI to standardise the minimum internet speeds provided in the country. While the current speeds are as low as 512 MB, for 4G providers it is turning out to be a boon as they are passing off lower speeds under the lower speed band as it is under the permissible limit by TRAI. The war is simply getting dirtier by the day and well, with customers the only ones benefiting, there’s no complaining!