Finally! 2016 sure ends on a sweet note as news of Apple setting up a manufacturing facility in India filters in. While we kept hearing reports of an Apple manufacturing unit in the country, Apple finally confirmed it though reports and the manufacturing facility is expected to start production as soon as April 2017. While it will only stick to limited products in the beginning, it is expected to soon ramp up production and manufacture all Apple gadgets in the country by the end of the year. The manufacturing facility is being set up not by Foxconn, which was expected to set up a manufacturing unit in India but instead by Wistron, a Taiwanese OEM manufacturer. The facility will be set up in Peenya region in Bengaluru and as mentioned above, the manufacturing is expected to begin as early as April 2017.Also Read - Apple Store Online - Apple Launches Online Store in India on September 23

While the new facility is sure to bring about quite a few changes in Apple inventory in the country, it must be noted that Apple will not be the first smartphone and electronics brand to commence manufacturing in India. Under the Make in India scheme promoted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, multiple electronic and goods manufacturers are provided with incentives to begin manufacturing in India. Foxconn has tied up with Chinese brands Xiaomi and OnePlus and is expected to soon commence production, along with the Apple phones – which means Foxconn in India won’t be an Apple exclusive manufacturing unit. But then, what do Make in India iPhones, iPads and Macbooks mean? Will there be any difference in quality? In price? Or in any other factors at all? Or will they only increase employment in the country but the customer will gain nothing at all? Well, check out some ways in which Apple producing in India will affect the sales in the country: Apple confirms manufacturing facility in Bengaluru. So yes, your iPhone 8 might just be a Made in India phone, shipped from Bengaluru! Also Read - Apple Will Launch India’s First Online Store in September – Report

 1. Cheaper iPhone – Right now, Apple iPhones are one of the most premium phones in the country thanks to their pricing. Pricing is also one of the key reasons why Apple iPhones enjoy the status symbol in India and there is a demand in the country for even older iPhones. But then, right now, the exorbitant pricing of iPhones is thanks to the import duties and taxes. iPhones are designed in the US, made in China and the world tour does add a considerable bit of taxes to the equation, which a massive 12.5 percent. If iPhones are manufactured in India, then they would automatically be a whole lot cheaper as the imports and the duties would be taken away. Thus, the pricing would finally match the international pricing of the phones. It would definitely mean a more decently priced device rather than the now overpriced version. But then, the question remains – iPhone is a premium segment device. Will Apple slash rates in the country and make it more (slightly) affordable, giving up the premium tag? Also Read - List of Smartphones That Are Made in India

2. Better Availability – As mentioned above, iPhones in India are all imported and for the time being, not manufactured in the country. This means that there are limited number of distributors to purchase from. While Apple has online as well as offline distributors in India, at times, the availability is an issue, especially if you happen to be in a region that is not serviced by an online retailer or if you do not have an authorised reseller near you. Also, as Apple products are imported, getting replacement parts and repairs takes forever if the part needed is not in stock. Manufacturing within the country can resolve those issues and make it much easier for people to not only buy the products but also to repair them as the timings will be shortened. PhonePe, Flipkart’s new app lets you transfer money from your wallet directly to bank account, without any charges. Apple all set to revamp Mac desktops soon, says “great Mac desktops are coming”

3. Apple Stores – We have seen long, serpentine queues outside Apple stores in images right after the launch of the iPhone flagship of the year. But then, while we have Apple re-sellers like Croma and Maple in the country, we do not have an Apple Store per se. There have been rumours that Apple plans to set up Apple stores in India but then so far, these rumours have proceed to be baseless. However, if Apple does begin manufacturing in the country, it means that Apple will also set up Apple stores in India. With Apple stores, the reach will improve and it will also help users buy directly from the stores, without having to queue up outside distributor outlets in the country. It will definitely be thrilling to queue up directly outside Apple stores and not rely on distributors. It will also mean tons of photos and selfies in front of the first ever Indian Apple Store!

4. Quick shipping – Once Apple announces their next product, the wait begins. The wait for the device to reach Apple stores and then, for it to ship to other countries. Apple divided the countries they sell their products in in 3 zones – while the first zone gets the products first, the third zone is the last. India was the only country to get the iPhone in the third zone this year. While the delivery and launch timelines have improved, they are still not satisfactory. If Apple begins manufacturing in India, then the wait will be shorter and Indians will get their iPhones along with the rest of the world. They won’t the last ones in queue anymore. Also, with there being authorised stores, the timings for the store sales will also get standardised, whereas right now, while some resellers sell the devices on the dot on launch day, some wait till the next day to begin sales. Apple stores will soon clear the confusion. Apple is offering free battery replacement for specific iPhone users. Check if you’re eligible.

5. No international purchases – Most iPhones users in India prefer buying their devices from the USA or other international markets for two simple reasons – they are cheaper and are available sooner. Although iPhones purchased in the US and used in India do not come with any warranty, people still prefer to buy them. However, with the iPhones getting manufactured in the country itself, things will change for the better and with the prices coming down, Indians can buy the iPhones within India. The rates, if they match international rates will definitely be a great reason for Indians to stick to the Indian manufactured version. This means you get warranty for your device as also, the replacement of parts is a lot more quicker. So even if your devices needs some repairs, the wait for it to come back will be really less as opposed to the long wait now.

6. Better profits – While there definitely are a lot of benefits in the offer for Indians, what is in it for Apple? Well, the biggest one would be better profits. With the amount of duties and tax removed, Apple will save a whole lot on shipping costs. While the prices will drop too, there will still be a considerable margin of profits Apple can earn from the Indian manufactured devices as the prices will not be too low to impact their profitability. In the long run, the investment is sure to benefit Apple. Think about it from the investment and the manufacturing OEM standpoint and it is surely a sweet deal for Apple! Apple launches MInecraft game on Apple TV in the $19.99 price pack

7. The Trump Tussle – Well, this is the most controversial of the reasons. Donald Trump, has been pushing all manufacturers and brands to stat manufacturing their products in USA to generate more jobs. Reports had recently stated that Apple soon planned to shift their manufacturing units to the US for iPhones. With news of Apple entering India for manufacturing, it might lead to more of a tussle between the Trump government and Apple which has long since been on Apple’s radar when it comes to manufacturing in the US. Apple executives will sure have a lot of answering to do!