OnePlus has started rolling out the Android Q Developer Preview (DP) 4 for its OnePlus 7 Pro and 7 devices. Similar to past updates, OnePlus shared the details about the update in a dedicated post on its forums. OnePlus staff member Manu J shared a detailed changelog for Android Q DP 4 along with some warnings. As per the warning, Android Q was still at the early stages of development. OnePlus does not recommend this for people who have little to no experience in software development or custom ROM flashing. The company also asked users to real the flashing instructions carefully as any mistakes could brick the smartphone.

Android Q DP 4 details

Users should first take a backup of all the important data present on their devices. Taking about new changes, Android Q brings a number of improvements to both the system stability as well as system functions. Users running Android Q DP 3 can also update to DP 4 with the help of the OTA update. Manu also stated that users can also upgrade to Open Beta from DP 4. This means that they won’t have to upgrade or downgrade to the stable version and then back to Open Beta builds.

OnePlus also shared a list of known issues for people looking to upgrade to Android Q DP 4. Taking a look at the list, users who plan to install Android Q DP 4 can experience app compatibility issues, and more. Other problems include the probability of system lag, stability problems, random artifacts on corners, and cracking volume at maximum on OnePlus 7. OnePlus also clarified that Google Pay will not work on Android Q DP 4 and stored fingerprints will reset. Android Q DP 1 and DP 2 users will need to wipe their data before upgrading to DP 4.

The post also warned users to maintain at least 30 percent charge level before starting with the upgrade process. Users also need to ensure that they have a minimum of 3GB free storage space on their device before the upgrade. OnePlus has provided details instructions on installing Android Q DP 4 or rolling back to Android 9 Pie. The post also comes with download links for all the relevant filed needed for upgrade or downgrade.