Smartphone maker OnePlus has just announced some major changes to its software development process. Taking a closer look at the changes, these are more like improvements to the process rather than ground-up changes. OnePlus India Community specialist Joel Jacob shared these changes in a dedicated post on the OnePlus forums. The forum post revealed that these changes are the result of the second OnePlus Open Ear Forums event held in Goa back on May 4, 2019. OnePlus revealed that it held this forum to focus on the relationship between the company and the developers.

OnePlus software development improvements

The China-based smartphone maker “got a mixed set of users including Indian and International developers” for the forum meeting. This group also included some core, active community members along with contributors from the first forum meeting. OnePlus shared details about its work in the Indian market to kick things off after introductions. As per the post, the company also shared a brief history of its relationship with developers over the past four years. This included how the relationship works now along with some plans about the future.

OnePlus also held dedicated sessions on finding issues with its software development to identify areas for improvement. The company concluded the forum meeting with a summary and feedback from users. After the discussion, the company shared a list of changes that it wants to commit to its developer community. According to the list, OnePlus will release the kernel sources for all the software builds on time. It is important to note that this also includes the Open Beta builds that OnePlus releases for its devices.

However, the highlight of the changes is likely to be the introduction of a Bug Bounty Program. This will provide independent developers to go through the code to find and report security flaws for rewards. OnePlus also revealed that it will promote custom ROMs on its official forums and social media channels for End of Life (EOL) devices. This includes all the OnePlus devices that no longer receive official updates.

The list went on to state that the company will fix its aggressive battery optimization to stop killing background apps in future updates. The company will also expand its device seeding program while making it “quicker” with new device launches. Last but not least, it also promised to organize more community meetups focusing on developers.