OnePlus has finally shared detail about a number of India-centric features that are coming to OxygenOS. The company initially revealed these features at the OnePlus 7T launch event. To recap, these features include Smart SMS, Cricket Scores, an International Roaming service, and Work-Life Balance. Other features include an improved Gallery app, and a new cloud storage service. Szymon K, the OnePlus staff member responsible for OxygenOS shared details about all these new features in a forum post. The company also referred to these features as the “first batch” of India-centric functions.

OnePlus OxygenOS India centric features

As part of the forum post, OnePlus revealed that it has been working on these features for the last 11 months. First up, the company shared information about “Smart SMS” experience in its “Messaging” app. The app makes sense of the incoming SMS messages such as OTP, transaction details, promotions, and spam. It automatically categorizes all these messages while providing quick-action shortcuts. These shortcuts include easily copying the OTP code or calling delivery boys without opening the message. The company clarified that it can short “up to 39 types of messages” including tickets, bank messages, and more.

OxygenOS OnePlus shelf Cricket Scores

The second feature in the list includes access to Cricket scores in the OnePlus Shelf. It is worth noting that the user has to download the “Cricket Scores” app module from the Play Store. This module is necessary for the feature to work. The feature showcases complete scorecards of past and current matches. In the absence of a current match, it also shows upcoming matches of any given team. Next up is the new SIM-free global international Roaming services. This allows travelers to have SIM-free global mobile data service without the need to buy specific SIM cards. Users can access this service without an active internet connection.

Another feature is the “Work-Life Balance” feature which blocks notifications from select apps during the select time. Users can select apps for Work and Life. Users can also automate this feature based on Schedule, location, and Wi-Fi. The feature will block Life apps during work timings and Work apps after work. The last feature includes a revamped Gallery app with on-device facial recognition-based, timestamp-based and location-based “smart albums”. Lastly, OnePlus has also launched its cloud service to back up photos and videos. The free tier provides 5GB storage and OnePlus is providing an additional 50GB for the first year.