A OnePlus user just issued a complaint stating that his smartphone caught fire in the middle of the night. The smartphone that we are talking about here is the OnePlus One. The smartphone was initially launched back in 2014, more than five years from now. The user sent an email complaining about the almost fatal incident to the OnePlus customer support. He also added some photos of the damaged smartphone as part of the email. As part of the complaint, the user Rahul Himalian revealed that he doused the fumes with the help of water. Himalian believes that this prevented the smartphone from actually exploding.

OnePlus One fire incident details

As per shared details, the fumes generated from the flaming OnePlus One caused sudden suffocation and nausea. The suffocation and nausea woke Himalian around 3:15AM. The curious part about this was that the device was neither plugged in nor switched on during the incident. The device was placed just one foot away from the user. He also added that the ambient temperature of the room was also around 19 degrees ruling out any external factors.

Himalian further mentioned that the smartphone was more than five years old. However, he did add that a smartphone is not expected to catch fire when it is disconnected and turned off. He claimed that it was “an inherent manufacturing defect” that OnePlus and Amazon should be held responsible for. He has asked the company to get in touch and address the problem. Himalian also shared the images of his damaged OnePlus One smartphone. Inspecting them closely, we can see how the front panel seems to have separated itself from the sides.

We can also see the damage that the flames caused on the front of the screen. The battery seems to have melted through the back panel of the device to indicate the extent of the damage. We have reached out to OnePlus for a response on this incident. We will update the story with a response as and when we get it.