OnePlus has announced that it is adding a new payment feature to OxygenOS next. Called OnePlus Pay, the payment solution will serve as an alternative to mobile payment solutions offered by Google and Samsung. The plans to bring OnePlus Pay to OxygenOS was announced by the company at the launch of OnePlus 7T yesterday. However, the company did not share any further detail about the feature or how it will work on its mobile devices.

The Chinese smartphone maker made use of yesterday’s launch event to tease the upcoming feature. But, it did not provide any details as to how this feature will work. We do, however, know that OnePlus Pay will arrive sometime next year. “There is a very fantastic product we have been working on for over a year now,” Szymon Kopec, Product Manager at OnePlus, said during the launch. “Starting next year, you will no longer need your physical wallet,” he added.

It is expected to be a regular wallet app that will allow users to sync their bank accounts. The app will also allow users to pay through NFC terminals at supported locations. It will likely support UPI-based payment option since it is the most popular mode of payment in the country. OnePlus Pay is seen as first major attempt by OnePlus to break into services business. Smartphone makers such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi have also begun turning their hardware into a stream of services revenue.

OnePlus seems to be following the same playback by offering a digital payment solution to its users. OnePlus has over a million people using its smartphones and are tied to its ecosystem. With OnePlus Pay, it can convert them into using its payment solution as well. The challenge for OnePlus would be to onboard major banks and enable support for it at various merchant locations.