OnePlus Founder and CEO Pete Lau has teased some advanced features on the much-anticipated OnePlus TV. Lau shared a GIF on his Twitter account showcasing “faster typing”, “easier searching”, and seamless syncing. He is likely showcasing an advanced syncing feature where users can use their smartphone to type on their OnePlus TV. Taking a closer look at the GIF, we can also see the interface of the OnePlus TV Remote app. It looks like the app turns your smartphone into the standalone keyboard and mouse.

OnePlus TV and Remote app details

The GIF is showcasing a scenario where a user is searching “Wonder Woman” title in the search area on the OnePlus TV. There are several interesting things visible in the short clip. First up, the entire interface is divided into three different rows at the top and two columns. The rows include the actual typing are for search along with the on-screen keyboard. The second row includes the automated Search keywords that users can select even before they have completed writing the complete term. In addition, users also get search results in the third row as soon as you have completed the typing.

The second column on the bottom informs uses that they can use their smartphone keyboard as an input device. The GIF also showcases the interface of the OnePlus TV Remote app. The interface includes a pop-up or rather expanding trackpad area along with a power button and camera icon on the top left corner. It is possible that the app in the GIF is a test version. This would likely indicate that the camera icon on the top-right corner captures screenshots for debugging.

We already know about this feature as Pete Lau shared a tweet hours before the GIF hinting at a similar functionality. Previous reports also indicated that Smart TV will also come with Amazon Alexa and possibly Google Assistant integration. Lau has already shared the render for OnePlus TV remote with USB Type-C port, dedicated Google Assistant button, and more. Other features include eight speakers with a total of 50 watt sound, and Dolby Atmos support. We also know that the product will come with a dedicated Gamma Color Magic processor, and Kevlar finish on the back while running a custom version Android TV.