China-based smartphone maker and electronics giant OnePlus is looking for Closed Beta testers. The company posted this requirement in a new post on its official OnePlus forums along with all the details. This information about a Closed Beta Program comes just months after the company first launched its OnePlus TV Q1 series. As previously noted, OnePlus launched two variants as part of the Q1 lineup including the Q1 and the Q1 Pro. This likely means that the company is currently working on a number of software updates for the Q1 series.

OnePlus TV Closed Beta Program details

As per the forum post, the company revealed that it will roll out early software builds to this group. The group of Closed Beta testers will be the first to experience new features and provide feedback on these features. This group will also be responsible for reporting any early bugs to ensure that the final version is stable. OnePlus also stated that Closed Beta Program will also allow the company to test upcoming and “sometimes experimental” features. The company warned that these builds are likely to lack the stability of the final version of the software.

However, the lack of stability is part and parcel of early access to unreleased software. Users in this group are likely to get access to new features months or weeks before the final launch. OnePlus TV Software Principal Manager Steven X stated that this is “quite an elite crew”. The company will currently accept 60 people as part of the group from India. Steven also noted that this program “will occasionally require flashing builds” which may result in data loss.

The requirements to be part of this group include owning a OnePlus TV and being an active OnePlus Community member. OnePlus will also require this group to constantly communicate with its team on Slack for feedback. This likely means that interested users should not enroll for the program on their one and only family TV.