The much anticipated OnePlus TV is just two days away from launching in the Indian market. With the event just right around the corner, OnePlus founder and CEO, Pete Lau has just revealed some new information. Lau posted a new tweet sharing new details about the upcoming Smart TV product. As part of the tweet, we know know that the OnePlus TV will come with a bezel-less display. In addition, the image of the TV also indicated that we will get a TV with curved corners. Similar to other Tweets in the past, Lau also added text to the tweet highlighting the “details” of the device.

OnePlus TV design details

Though the glass panel in front of the device may be bezel-less, this likely does not translate into a bezel-less display. The caption of the tweet stated “To make premium design, no detail is too small, so we make the bezel-less. #OnePlusTV”. In addition to this, Lau also tweeted real-world images on OnePlus TV. The image indicated that the Smart TV may come in two different sizes. Though, it is possible that the different sized TVs in the image made be rivals for comparison. However, previous reports about OnePlus TV indicate that the company will launch two different variants of the TV.

The real-world image also shows off the thing bezel on the corners of the device. In addition, we also see a thick-chin on the bottom of the device that looks like a proper bezel. The image also shows off the oval-shaped bottom stand and OnePlus TV remote on the table.

Lau also added that the company is working with the industry-best for amazing picture quality. In addition to the images of the TV, we can also see people inspecting the TV in-person. The caption on the tweet stated, “We’ve worked with the best in the industry to deliver amazon picture quality”. It went on to add, “Ready to see it in person in 2 days? #OnePlus TV”.