Oppo has showcased its under screen camera solution at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which starts today in China. The Chinese smartphone maker has defeated the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi to become the first to introduce such a technology. The under-screen camera solution will usher us into the world of all view display. It will eliminate the need for pop-up or flip camera solutions adopted by a number of smartphone makers including Oppo.

Oppo had first teased its under screen camera solution earlier this month. Now, the company has shown the first smartphone where the selfie camera is placed underneath the display. In order to achieve such design, Oppo reportedly made customized display and camera module. Oppo is using a highly-transparent material to design part of the display on top of the camera. The Dongguan-based smartphone maker claims that it has redesigned the pixel structure to ensure optimal transmittance of light.

Oppo has not only focused on the display element to achieve this new under screen camera technology. It says that the camera embedded underneath the display has a bigger sensor with a larger aperture and resulting pixel size to avoid light refraction. A camera captures a picture when the sensor is exposed to light. However, having a solid material on the top camera could result in refraction and thus, offer blurrier pictures.

With the new custom solution, Oppo says it has tried to eliminate the situation. It said that the tech relies on three algorithms to enhance the camera performance without affecting the display. Oppo says the first algorithm adjusts the White Balance with targeted adjustments. Here, the color is calibrated against any light sources that might obstruct the image. It then uses HDR algorithm to reduce overexposed highlights and increases brightness in shadows.

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Oppo is also using Haze Removal algorithm that works to increase the sharpness of the image despite a solid material on top of the camera lens. The company had warned the first under screen selfie camera might not be of great quality. Oppo has not announced specifications or availability of it’s under screen camera smartphone. However, it is evident that under screen camera will be the solution to all screen, notchless smartphone.