Mondelez, the company behind the popular Oreo biscuit, has just launched its limited-edition Oreo Stereo Music Box in India. This product will only be available for two days as part of the ongoing Amazon Prime Day sale. This means that you have less than a day to buy the Oreo-like Music box. The company claims that this will be a good gifting option for your family or friends.Also Read - OnePlus Nord 2 5G Launched in India: Know Price, Specification, Open Sale Date, Other Details Here

It will also come with seven Oreo biscuit packs. The seven 120 grams packs come with four different flavors. This includes two packs of Oreo Original Creme flavor, two of Oreo Choco Creme, two of Oreo Strawberry Creme and one or Oreo Golden Vanilla Creme. This means that you will also get food along with the unique Music Box. According to the announcement, Mondelez has priced the gift pack at an affordable Rs 599. In fact, the pack is currently available for just Rs 539 as part of the “Deal of the Day” section. Mondelez has already launched the Music Box sporting gifting pack in other markets for a limited amount of time. Also Read - OnePlus Nord 2, OnePlus Buds Pro Launched in India: Live Streaming Link, Price, Specification And Other Details

Sudhanshu Nagpal, the Associate Director of Marketing for Biscuits at Mondelez India issued a statement as part of the launch. Nagpal stated, “Mondelez India has been synonymous to festivities in the country for over 70 years and Oreo is known for its persona of creating fun-filled moments and bringing people together. In tune with the spirit of festivities, adding a new beat to the voice of Oreo, we are thrilled to unwrap the joy of music this festive season with the launch of Oreo Stereo, a limited-edition gift pack that comes with a one of a kind music system and Oreo cookies.”

Oreo Stereo Music Box features

According to the Amazon India listing page, the Oreo Stereo Music Box comes with a unique playback system. Buyers will have to keep an Oreo cookie on the top of the Music Box like a record on a record player to play the music. One can also record a personal message in the Music Box if they are planning to gift it to their friends or family. It also comes with four different cashback offers to increase the amount that the buyer saves.