Paytm has been going through a series of unfortunate events. The app which rose to unprecedented fame thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation drive followed by stress on digital payments has in recent times been struggling with glitches. Paytm has been advertising their wallet heavily since the country began to face a cash crunch and has even been prompt in helping outlets and stores set up Paytm accounts to receive cash and transact. But then, just recently, Paytm was all over the news for the outages it suffered. Since the app developers were updating the app and resolving certain bugs, for many, the app did not function and led to a lot of complications during payments as they did not have a card or cash on them and were completely reliant on the digital wallet. While that issue has been resolved, there seems to now be another problem Paytm is facing and this one might be a lot more serious.Also Read - Paytm Share Price: JM Financial Gives 'Sell' Call For Stocks With Target Price Of Rs 1,240

By the look of things, Paytm has more on its plate than it can handle and the latest issue the payment wallet is facing is on Apple store. Apple users have been complaining of bugs in the app where during payment, the app refuses to load and throws up errors. The app then hangs and transaction in progress is auto cancelled. Also, as the app hangs, the user is logged out of his account and as the app does not load again, he or she cannot access the account at all, rendering the app completely useless. The issue was brought to the notice of Paytm by many iPhone users. And while yesterday, Paytm did promise a quick fix, when iPhone users woke up today morning they were in for a shock. The Paytm app had completely disappeared from their phones and Apple store! The app was deleted and delisted by the creators themselves to resolve the issues Paytm has been facing. Till the bugs aren’t out, iPhone users were not able to use Paytm. Also Read - Finally Out Of Slump? Paytm Share Price Rises 8 Per Cent. Details Here

Paytm is trying their best to issue a quick update and restore the app back to the Apple store according to a statement issued by them in a Press Release. Paytm is completely revamping their iOS app security and will be soon relaunching once again. Once the app is updated, they will once again have to wait till Apple store approves of it and only then will iOS users be able to access it. According to the blog, the update is ready and has already been submitted to Apple but it is only once this update is given the nod by Apple that it will be up for download. Meanwhile, iOS users can simply log into the app from a computer and update their security features, or tranfer their money to their bank account if they feel unsafe during the period. They can transact on the sites but cannot make payments using their phone. With Paytm down, many iPhone users are facing a massive challenge as there is a severe cash crunch in the country after demonetisation and Paytm was on eof the most widely accepted wallets in the market. Paytm wallet app gets new lock to keep your money safe Also Read - Paytm Shares: Should You Sell Or Keep After Muted Listing? Know What Experts Have To Say

According to the statement on Paytm Blog: Today we found a bug in our iOS App where certain app users were not able to pay thereby hanging their app. Soon the system logged them out preventing them from further accessing their account. We are sending an app update to Apple immediately and requesting them to approve the same as soon as possible. Once live, we request our users to update their iOS app.
We have currently removed the App from the App Store to stop adding incremental new users to our existing base. It will be back as soon as Apple approves our new build.
We have also been receiving queries from our users on our 24X7 customer care channels. Please note that your data and money is absolutely safe and secure. This is a minor issue that we are fixing.
We have been on journey to build an ecosystem which can facilitate a cashless India and we have painstakingly built our product on strong foundations of technology, and are extremely thankful to our users who have supported us. We request and appreciate the continued support from them.”

Update: The app has recently been updated and is available for download once again on the Apple Store.