Since demonetisation, e-wallets have grown 10 times in the country. Everyone, everywhere is using e-wallets. people who did not have wallets before have also switched to using these digital payment services. And among all, Paytm seems to be the one leading the fray as the wallet has heavily advertised itself and is the go to choice for most outlets, brands and also individual sellers. Each and everyone has stuck up the Paytm board infront of their shops or has downloaded the app on their wallet. The “Paytm” karo slogan is heard all around. Rahul Gandhi of Congress even took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi through Paytm saying Paytm is Pay To Modi! The wallet is all over and despite tons of competition in the market like Freecharge, Mobikwik and even individual bank wallets, Paytm is the one name we see all around us.

An while almost everyone in the country with a smartphone has downloaded the app and created an account, the question of security still remains. When we use apps like Paytm or digital wallets to make payments, we always load money onto the wallets. We also save out card credentials like card numbers and details on the wallet. This can lead to a whole lot of questions regarding the safety and the security of the wallet. While paying through other websites, there is generally an OTP sent to the mobile device for logging in which helps keep the account safe and also makes the user feel secure. But then what about the app? There’s no security there. The moment you open the app, all your details are right there in the open. In such a case, what if you lose your smartphone or if your smartphone is stolen or hacked?

How do you keep up the app security in such a case. In order to resolve the issue, Paytm has finally upgraded their app and the app also now comes with a second layer of protection. The moment you open the app, you cannot simply access it. You need to first log into it now. The unlock system will the same as your digital mobile display system – that it either a pin number, a swipe, a alphabetical lock or a pattern. Whichever you choose, you will have to input it. Initially, Paytm has rolled out this feature only to Android users so iPhone users will still have to wait a bit. For Android users, once the update the app and download the latest version, they can simply start using this feature. They will be provided with an option to “Add Security Feature” and on choosing the option, they can activate the passcode. Forget Reliance Jio, if you’re under 30 years, the government might give you free calling with internet soon!

The option works only if you have a lock system set for your smartphone so you will first have to go to mobile settings and set up the passcode. Once you set up this passcode, you are ready to activate it on the Paytm app too. The moment you now open the Paytm app, want to make a payment or want to simply check your passbook, you will have to enter this lock. Also, this lock is the same as your smartphone lock so there’s no hassle of forgetting it or getting confused. You can simply go to Paytm Settings to disable it at any point of time. However, it is better to keep the app on and stay safe. With digital wallets, there’s always the fear of theft or of misplacement and this new feature will definitely make a lot of Paytm users breathe a sigh of relief!