Lately, we have seen a host of new wearables launch in India at unbelievably low prices. These wearables are from companies like Noise, Ubon, and Sonata to name a few. The latest product is from an Indian company called Pebble, and it is a fitness watch. The fitness tracking smartwatch – Pebble Impulse – has launched with a price tag of Rs 1,999.

Pebble Impulse Fitness Watch price, availability

As mentioned, the new fitness watch costs Rs 1,999 in India. At the time of filing this story, the affordable watch is available on e-commerce platforms and retail stores across the country. On Amazon India, the watch is available for a bit less – Rs 1,946.

Features, specifications

The fitness watch features a 1.3-inch display. According to the company, the watch blends fashion and features in a button-less and seamless design. It is also said to be an ideal size for a woman’s wrist, and yet not too small for man’s.

The Impulse’ USP is its fitness tracking abilities. These include all-day heart-rate monitoring, step counter, and sleep monitor. It is also able to track multiple sports, which include yoga, body weight workouts and more. It also boasts the capabilities to track user’s blood pressure, and the SpO2 level in blood through the oxygen monitor technology.

As a smartwatch, the Impulse is capable of showing message and call alerts. It can also display notifications from WhatsApp and other social apps. Making sure all these things are possible is a battery under the hood, with a backup of up to seven days.

“As against the available brands in the market which demands a pocket size for the versatility, Pebble Impulse packs the punch at the most affordable price point,” Komal Agarwal, Director – Pebble, says. “We are the first brand to offer Blood Pressure Monitor and O2 Level Indicator at this price point, in a smartwatch.”