PUBG Ban: On September 2, 118 applications, including PUBG Mobile, have been banned by the Indian government. The multiplayer Battle Royal game in India had a large user base and the banning of the game is big news for them. The game has now been removed from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, in smartphones where PUBG Mobile is already installed, players can still play this game. Many players in India are still playing the game, who installed the game before it was banned.Also Read - Battlegrounds Mobile India Ban: India’s Traders Association Demands Ban on PUBG Comeback Over National Security Reasons

After the Indian government ban, Google and Apple also removed it from their Play Store and App Store respectively. But Android and iOS smartphone gamers can install this game if they have previously installed this game. Installing previous games means that these games are still associated with their Google and Apple IDs. The Indian government has imposed a ban on PUBG at a time when PUBG Corp teased 1.0 version a week ago. Also Read - Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-registration Live on Play Store: 5 Things to Know About The New PUBG Mobile India

Indian gamers can still play the popular Battle Royal game on their phones. However, this will only happen for some time until the Indian game server is shut down by the game developers. Once the game is blocked players will not be able to start a new match. Currently, no timeline has been revealed about when the server will be shut down. Game development company Tencent says that it is also in talks with the government to fix things. While many gamers are shifting to other games like PUBG Mobile such as Call of Duty: Mobile and Gerena Free Fire.  The game has changed a lot since the ban and players are getting ‘chicken dinner’ if they win easily.  It is getting a lot of bot players, which makes it easier to win and players are not having the same fun as before. Also Read - PUBG Mobile India Launch: Things Locked Future of PUBG Download in Indian Gaming Industry

According to gamers, you are now able to easily win Chicken Dinners in the game. The reason for getting chicken dinner easily is the lack of players on the game’s server. Bots replace them when the real players are less in the game, which is easier to defeat. Soon this game will be completely blocked, it is set. Earlier in late June, 59 banned apps were also completely blocked a few days after the ban was announced. The PC version of the PUBG Mobile game can still be played.