There’s a new video out from PUBG devs that shares PUBG driving mechanics dos and don’ts for all players. This video talks about the vehicles on PUBG and how to effectively use them to win games. This is part of the PUBG mechanics series where developers are explaining the different aspects of the game to players.

It starts off by asking players to not run vehicles over mountains as they will tend to explode. The video advises players to not drive offroad since it reduces tire friction and speed by 15 percent. Boosting on roads is recommended but not while moving through forests. The rule of thumb is that bigger vehicles are stronger and slower. If you need to go fast then choose a smaller vehicle like the motorbike. Three wheel vehicles have the least control among all. All four maps have exclusive vehicles that are meant for that map. It’s a good things to know these vehicles and how they function.

Using the handbrake is essential to driving in PUBG, which can be used to make quick turns. Players can come to a quick stop by hitting the handbrake and turning and slamming on object without taking any damage. To accelerate quickly, players can hold down the handbrake while boosting and then let the handbrake go for a boosted start. Players can turn off their engine to be stealthy around opponents as well when entering an occupied area or compound.

WATCH: PUBG Mechanics – Driving

Vehicles provide cover as well in open fields. All players need to do it blow up their own vehicle to make sure the opponents can do it. Then it can easily be used as a solid cover. Another way to hinder players is to blow the tires of the vehicles not being used. Or players can just pop the tires out of the enemy vehicles to stop them. When inside vehicles, players can switch seats to shoot at others. Switching seats is also useful when avoiding gunfire.