PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds seems to be on a downward slide it cannot get out of. The iconic battle royale game has now lost 82 percent of its players from its peak position back in January 2018. According to data from the Steam charts, over the past four weeks, the average monthly players for PUBG was 288,848. This compared to January 2018 when it had 1,584,886 concurrent players is a big drop. The game had achieved the number of 400 million players to log into the game on June 2018. PUBG had managed to keep its concurrent players numbers over 1 million for a whole year which finally dropped in September 2018.

Though the number are down, the developers are trying to bring back the crowd with new updates. It recently released the Update 5.1 with Season 5 earlier this month. This new update brings a whole lot of changes to the Miramar map and some other interesting features. It seems like PUBG is taking a cue from Fortnite and introducing vending machines, though these will just give out painkillers and energy drinks. There’s a new survivor pass as well with the new season, and its called Survivor Pass: Badlands. The PUBG devs are also introducing a new Community Mission System. The new update was live on the Test Server and now going live for main server tomorrow.

But one of the biggest changes that players will find quite interesting is that melee weapons can now be thrown. This change will probably make melee weapons in the game finally useful. Players can now throw supplies to teammates now from a distance. And the Win94 is now a Miramar exclusive weapon and comes with a fixed 2x scope. But PUBG developers now need to put their thinking caps on and try and figure out why they are bleeding players in this manner.