PUBG Lite which is the low specification version of the full fledged PC game may be getting Erangel 2.0 soon. In a new tweet on it twitter handle, the devs have teased with an image. The image shows the bust of a statue that we have seen in the full PC version come out with the refreshed Erangel map. There is no mention of when we may be seeing the new update come out because the tweet just shows the image with the words ‘Coming soon’.

The last update that came out for PUBG Lite on PC and brought with it a lot of bug fixes. Some of these bugs were a little too annoying for players and it seems the devs have fixed these. These patch notes were updated on a tweet from the PUBG Lite PC handle on Twitter which is what the devs primarily use to communicate the changes in the game. These were before the Erangel 2.0 tease tweet. As for the fixes that have been introduced this time around, here they are.

Besides these players can now heal themselves while walking. The following have been fixed

– Scope to not appear black while in Spectator Mode.

– Issue where the Bluezone not in sync.

– Firing sound for UMP45.

– Issue where it appeared black in ADS while alternating between Canted Sight and other scopes.

– Issue where it appeared black in ADS while alternating between Canted Sight and other scopes.

– Iron sight issue where it was shown in ADS even with the scope attached.

– Issue where characters would get stuck in between the rocky mountains in Monte Nuevo

PUBG Lite launched in India after its initial launch in other South Asian countries. The game recently got a new beta version that brought a 4v4 Mode (Team Deathmatch) like the one we have seen on PUBG Mobile. This new mode comes with a new map. The new map is small enough to make sure that people can have small matches. The PUBG Lite Facebook page announced the update going live. The new map looks similar to the TDM or Team Death Match mode map on PUBG Mobile. It has a warehouse and lots of crates around it. As for the PUBG Lite Open Beta of the game, the update download went live on August 8.

The game got its first Indian server as well which provides Indian players with low pings with negligible lag. In order to help people who use low-end hardware and expand its user base, developers PUBG Corp released the ‘Lite’ version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds earlier this year. PUBG Lite Beta version is now live in India. PUBG Corp bringing Erangel 2.0 on Lite means that they are not neglecting any version of the game.