PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale phenomenon PUBG Mobile has just shared an updated ban list. This new ban list shares some information about the newly banned player accounts in the past week. This new list comes just a week after the previous list. The list is part of the effort to make PUBG Mobile a fair experience for everyone. A fair experience is likely to make playing the game more enjoyable for players. PUBG Corp has time and again highlighted its policy of zero tolerance towards cheating in the game.

PUBG Mobile ban list details

As noted previously, the company bans each violating account for a period of 10 years. This means that the hacker or cheater can’t use their account to play the game for a very long time. As noted in the last ban notice update, the company has started sharing some in-game information of the banned accounts. The company selects this small group of cheaters at random. This in-game information includes the rank and servers of the cheaters along with the reason of the ban. Taking a closer look at the ranks, similar to last time, the maximum number of cheaters is from the Bronze ranks.

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Similarly, the maximum number of cheaters were found on the Asia servers. Moving to the reasons of the ban; most cheaters and hackers were banned for making changes to the runtime game data. This was only second to players using an auto-aiming software in the game. It is interesting to note that all these observations are similar to what we saw in the last ban notice update. One can check all the details in the official PUBG Mobile ban list announcement.

In addition, the company also asked PUBG Mobile players to join in reporting cheating players. PUBG Corp asked players to report any account suspected to cheating or using any means to improve their gameplay in an unfair manner. The company will investigate the reports to find out the cheaters. It has also gradually improved its in-game anti-cheating measures to keep things fair.