It seems we are set to get a new PUBG Mobile beta update 0.16.0 which is set to add quite a few new features. Though players have been yearning for the new and improved Erangel 2.0 map on the mobile version of the game, we may not see that yet. According to leaks by Mr Ghost Gaming, the upcoming PUBG Mobile beta update 0.16.0 will add a new Death Race Mode and TPP to FPP Switch option.

The most popular view mode on PUBG Mobile is the TPP which stands for Third Person Perspective. While the FPP mode which stands for First Person Perspective is not as popular. This is because the TPP mode allows players to see beyond obstacles because of the vantage point of the camera. The FPP mode offers no such advantage and players need to use their audio sense to detect enemies around. Presently PUBG Mobile allows players to select which mode they want to play before the match, and match them with others with the same preference.

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We’re not sure how this new feature will be implemented. It may be that Tencent Games might be clubbing the two modes into one and let players choose in-game which perspective they want. This could be because FPP does not have enough players, but it would also work to essentially kill the FPP mode.

Since, the winters are here, the devs will apparently be adding snow to some areas of the Erangel map. Besides the snow in different areas, snow covered loot boxes will be found, along with ski lift/trolley towers and snow-boards for players. Surprisingly the snow-boards work on all surfaces.

And there is a new mode coming as well called Death Race mode which is essentially a vehicle only mode. Players and teams will race around in a small track with heavy weapons trying to take each other out. There will be crates strewn on the map that will help players.