PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has shared a new ban list. The listing provides information about the total number of hackers and cheaters banned from the game. It shared the list on its Twitter account with an image stating “Hackers get the ban pan”. The company revealed that it has taken action on the mentioned accounts in the past 24 hours. However, the company revealed that this new “list is just a fraction of the total accounts recently banned.”

PUBG Mobile cheaters: Ban notice for November 27

Similar to previous ban notice updates to promote fair play, the company shared details about the actions it has taken. PUBG Corp noted that it takes the issue of cheating in the game “very seriously”. It issues each account in violation with a 10-year long ban. The company also issued a polite reminder about the importance of playing fair along with the list update. In the spirit of transparency, PUBG Corp will “randomly select a group” of “banned cheaters” and share information regarding the ban. This information will include the ranks, servers, and reason for the ban in the ban notice updates.

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Taking a closer look at previous ban notices, PUBG Corp has shared this information for the first time. As per the notice, the company shared the ban reason, rank, and server for 5,262 banned players. The max number of PUBG Mobile cheaters come from the Bronze rank of players. Talking about servers, the maximum number of cheaters come from the Asia server from the selected pool.

Moving to the ban reason, most cheaters from the pool opted to modify the runtime game data. This is likely one of the easiest or most accessible ways to try and cheat in the game. the second most popular reason for cheating was the use of auto-aiming. Users likely used a third-party tool along with the game to auto-aim in the game. Interested users can check more details about the list on the official announcement. In addition, PUBG Corp also asked players to report suspected cheaters to keep the gaming environment fair and competitive.