PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile has just shared a new milestone. Taking a closer look, the company has just crossed 600 million downloads. The company shared the information about this milestone on its official Twitter handle. The tweet came with an image that claimed 600 million downloads and the caption termed as 600 million players. However, It is worth noting that PUBG Mobile downloads are different metrics than the total number of users. The number of users may refer to the total number of players.

PUBG Mobile downloads; details

However, the number of downloads is also likely to include players who have switched or upgraded their devices to re-install PUBG. We are unsure what the company really meant to indicate with the metric here. Most of the industry already knows about the popularity that PUBG Mobile commands. In addition, the caption of the image also thanked the game players for their involvement and support in the community. This information comes days after PUBG Mobile shared details about its future game updates at the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019.

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The company also shared an updated hacker and cheaters list on its Twitter handle. PUBG Corp blocks hundreds of PUBG accounts on a regular basis to remove hackers from the game. These bans are part of the effort to ensure that PUBG Mobile offers a fair and healthy environment for players. PUBG Corp also hinted at its upcoming PUBG Mobile All-Stars competition in the Indian market.

Recent tweets also revealed some information regarding the “Color Blind mode”. In addition, the new teaser also came with a photo of the upcoming mode. This photo likely hints at monochromatic-color as part of this new mode. As noted previously, the company made some optimizations to the mode to ensure that it is more friendly to color-blind players.