There’s a new Rs 200 coupon offer for smartphone gamers and Google is offering a special PUBG Mobile credit coupon to use in-game in PUBG Mobile for purchases. This offer has been available for a short while now and users can spot it in Google Play Store main menu, or in the rewards section. The coupon is worth Rs 200 and can be used in the game itself. Players will have to avail the coupon in the Google Play Store first and then launch the game to avail it.

Now, this PUBG Mobile Rs 200 coupon credit can be availed on purchases in the game itself, and these include any transaction that requires real currency. But the criteria for the coupon to be valid for use is that users buy UC for a minimum amount of Rs 350. Players can use to while buying UC, and they will be prompted to use the coupon during the transaction. Once the coupon is availed in the Google Play Store it is only valid for the user for a limited time so do keep that in mind.

In other PUBG Mobile news, Tencent Games is about to remove the option of logging in using the Guest account soon. The Guest account was a convenient way to quickly login to the game without sharing any credentials. And it seems that will no longer be an option for Tencent Games and they would require you to provide some manner of data about you.

But this does not mean that those players who were using a guest account all these days would have their account progress demoted to nothing. According to the notification in the game, the account migration from guest account to one of the other login options needs to be done. The guest account feature was discontinued from 11:59PM IST on August 31.