PUBG Mobile guest account is one of the two different options for players to log in to the games. The other is making a legitimate account on either Facebook, Twitter and Play Games. But it seems that Tencent Games is about to remove the option of logging in using the Guest account soon. The Guest account was a convenient way to quickly login to the game without sharing any credentials. And it seems that will no longer be an option for Tencent Games and they would require you to provide some manner of data about you.

But this does not mean that those players who were using a guest account all these days would have their account progress demoted to nothing. According to the notification in the game, the account migration from guest account to one of the other login options needs to be done. The guest account feature will be discontinued from 11:59PM IST on August 31. Which means that guest account holders have little time before which they need to migrate their account data to another mode of login.

How to migrate PUBG Mobile guest account data?

These few easy steps to migrating the PUBG Mobile guest account data to another login option.

– Open the game and go to ‘Settings’ from the main menu

– Here find the ‘Link’ tab and tap on it

– There find and tap on the ‘+’ icon

– You will be given options of Facebook, Twitter and Play Games to use for login

– Choose the one most convenient for you and enter the login details, and PUBG Mobile should do the rest

This seems to be Tencent’s effort in trying to stop cheats and hackers use unnamed accounts to get the better of devs. Guest accounts have no credentials which means that they are hard to track. Tencent Games has put in a robust effort to root out hackers from the game.