PUBG Mobile India Latest Update: As the rumoured launch of PUBG Mobile India is getting delayed in the country for reasons not yet known to anybody, the officials at the PUBG Corporation want to meet the government officials of India for approval and clearance. Also Read - Will PUBG Mobile India be Released Soon? Speculation Rife on Social Media | Details Here

Reports last week suggested that the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MEITY) hasn’t given any permission to PUBG Corporation or any new entity in India to re-start operations. This piece of news has in fact disappointed a number of PUBG fans in India. However, the officials of the newly formed entity in India have officially urged the MEITY for a meeting where they can discuss various aspects of the launch of PUBG Mobile India. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Records 1 Billion Downloads Worldwide, Crosses USD 5.1 Billion Lifetime Revenue

As per latest updates, the executives of PUBG have been repeatedly requesting the ministry for an opportunity of meeting. However, the request of the PUBG is yet to be granted by the ministry Also Read - PUBG Mobile India Release Date 2021: Good News For Gamers? PUBG Corporation Posts Job Vacancy For India Office

On the other hand, looking at the increasing demand, the PUBG Corporation is desperate to launch the mobile game in India. If they get chance to meet the ministry officials, it will be cleared whether PUBG Mobile India will be released in the country or not. As per the current situation, it is not easy for PUBG to relaunch the mobile game before January or February next year and that too will depend on the stance of the government.

The development comes as the Central government is going on banning Chinese apps one after another citing security concerns. At this time, any banned entity can’t operate just by floating new company. This even applies to Tik Tok or any other mobile game.

To get the ban lifted, PUBG Corporation has made the decision to no longer authorise the PUBG Mobile franchise to China-based Tencent Games in India. However, the PUBG corporation said it is preparing to launch PUBG Mobile India, a new game created specifically for the Indian market.

The Indian subsidiary will hire over 100 employees specialising in business, esports, and game development, PUBG Corp said.

In addition to establishing a local office, the company will look to actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service, it added.