This may come as a shock to its fans, but PUBG Mobile pros sc0utOP and Owais have apparently left Team SOUL ahead of PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019. This comes after the recent news of sc0utOP leaving Team IND to replace MortaL. And now two of the players have left Team SOUL which means only Ronak and Viper are left on Team SOUL. But no specific reason has been provided yet. The remaining team members said that sc0utOP and Owais will provide fans with their own reasons. Team SOUL’s lineup right now for PUBG Mobile India Tour 2019 is uncertain. With the registration of the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 coming up on August 22, we should hear something soon.

Pre-PUBG Mobile India Tour transfer news

Previously Team SOUL’s player MortaL announced that he will be leaving the team. He said that he will be taking a break from PUBG Mobile to concentrate on other things. And Team SOUL found their replacement for MortaL in sc0utOP from Team IND. Team IND’s Tanmay ‘sc0ut’ Singh recently announced this on an Instagram post and confirmed the rumors about his future. sc0ut announced that PUBG Mobile Star Challenge will be his last tournament with Team IND.

He further explains that this is a co-ordinated decision with his mates at Team IND, and they support his decision. He is one of the best players in the PUBG Mobile scene in India. And he is a great potential replacement for MortaL. The last time Team SOUL faced off against Team IND was at the PUBG Mobile Club Open. Team SOUL managed to beat all the competition and take the crown at PMCO India leg.

And now it remains to be seen what the two pro players who left Team SOUL would do for themselves. They could start a team of their own, or join one of the other teams.