PUBG Mobile is currently in its season 9 and PUBG Mobile Season 10 is set to begin soon. And those that can’t take the anticipation anymore, there are new leaks that give us a look of Season 10 battle pass, skins, and details. These new leaks come from Mr Ghost Gaming on YouTube and it includes a lot of things like the Royale Pass, skins, emotes, new weapons and vehicles. The new season will be called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ and the visuals are reminiscent of Mad Max-ish world. The price of the Elite Royale Pass is expected to be 600UC while the Elite Plus would be 1800UC. This is usual and does not seem to have changed from the previous seasons.

The rewards of the new Royale pass would include a new parachute skin and a new M249 skin. Besides these there are a lot of clothing and weapon skins that are desert themed. There’s a new wasteland themed M416 and Pan skin along with a lot of new emotes and avatar frames. Some of the costumes that have been leaked include the Apocalypse Guardian Set, Desert Trooper Set, Snowflake Girl Set, Irradiated Frog Set for PUBG Mobile Season 10.

PUBG Mobile Beta Update 0.15.5 content leak

We will soon be getting a new weapon called the MP5K which is already available on PC and console as part of the PUBG Mobile Beta Update 0.15.5. This is an SMG that uses 9mm bullets and can be equipped with a stock, mag, sight and grip. There’s a new Vikendi exclusive vehicle being added called the Zima which is a 4-wheel drive and makes it easier to drive in the snow. This vehicle provides a lot of traction in the snow for off-roading which other vehicles cannot on Vikendi. Besides this we are also getting a new map in the TDM mode called The Ruins.