It’s been a while since PUBG Mobile released, and now we are at a point where the game has become not just a success with the casual players, but with pros as well. The competitive scene of PUBG Mobile has emblazoned itself into glory in not just India, but the world. And the number of tournaments that are being held in the country promise of great opportunity.

People and players are using this to become streamers who steam their gameplay. Or they are taking the most serious route, where they form teams with proficient players to take on tournaments. The competitive scene of PUBG Mobile has not only grown, but become a viable option for players all across India. And today we will be sharing some tips and tricks for casual players who want to advance to the level of pros. These will primarily be how to optimize your smartphone to make it ready for competitive level performance. These tips will not just be for those with flagship devices, but for those that use mid-range and budget devices.

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PUBG Mobile tips to enhance smartphone performance

Streamline the game settings

Streamlining the settings of a competitive game is the first step for every pro gamer. One thing to remember is that no professional gamer ever uses the best graphics or the highest solution to play shooting games. Performance is key, hence graphics, shadows, texture, and resolution is turned down to a moderate level. This makes sure that there is a balance between visibility and high FPS.

Changing controls to allow for a claw grip

Though this change is not just for the smartphone, but something for the user to be used to as well, it is still important. A claw grip ensures that the players have a finger to reach for the shooting, movement, looking and zooming at the same time. More than a requirement this is something that players will need to be used to before attempting to compete with others at a pro level. For those that feel that using triggers are easier, we would remind them that triggers are not allowed in tournaments.

Using game booster services

Most smartphones these days come with one form or the other of a gaming mode on them. These features help optimize the experience of games while they are running. The app ensures that there are no other background apps running or hogging the RAM and bandwidth when games are running. If you are one of those people who does not use gaming mode on your smartphone, then you should.

Using an app to clean up the memory before launching the game

For those smartphones that don’t come with a game mode that cleans up the memory when a game launches, there are plenty of options available on the Google Play Store. Use these apps to free up memory and go a general cleanup before launching PUBG Mobile for a long session. Make sure the app you’re using is not a game mod, or one that changes the settings of PUBG Mobile because that will just get you banned from the game. This is because Tencent Games is very strict about apps that modify PUBG Mobile.