PUBG Mobile India is banned in the country by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on 2 September 2020. The central government banned 118 mobile apps including PUBG in the country citing national security. Millions of users are waiting for PUBG Mobile India to make a comeback, but Ministry has made it clear about not re-launching the Battle Royale Game in India. However, the upcoming FAU-G game app is going to be launched in India on 26 January. Also Read - Crayta is Now Free-to-play For Everyone on Google's Game Streaming Platform, Stadia

Ever Since the game has been banned by Government of India, PUBG Mobile India is releasing teasers and spreading news about the relaunching of the game. But all these news and updates are fake. Meanwhile, good news is coming for the fans of PUBG that last week PUBG Corporation has released 1.2 Global version of PUBG Mobile. The latest version of PUBG comes with several other bug fixes including new Weapons, Ultimate Rewards, New Improvements. However, the good news is now there’s an authorized and technological loop through which android users in India can play PUBG Mobile on their Android Phones. If the players are unable to download it from the Google Play store, then they can download its APK file and can play through VPN (Virtual Private Network) Also Read - 'Among Us' Most Downloaded Mobile Game Across Globe in 2020, PUBG Ranks Fourth

Virtual Private Network, or VPN, provides an Encrypted Connection from device to network to the Internet. It works as a safe network that helps in establishing a secure connection between Public Network and Private Network. Encrypted Connection helps the user to ensure that his sensitive data is securely transmitted, and it is mostly used to outflank the cybersecurity rules. Many PUBG Players in India connect through VPN which confirms that PUBG Mobile India ban is not total. VPN also protects unauthorized people from traffic eavesdropping and allows the user to work remotely. VPN technology is widely used in corporate environments. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Latest Updates: List of Countries Where You Can’t Play The Royale Game in 2021

Steps to Play PUBG Mobile India Through VPN –

STEP 1 – Download a VPN app from Google Play Store

STEP 2 – Set the Location in the VPN other than India. For ex – Korea, Japan

STEP 3 – Open PUBG Mobile Global

STEP 4 – Click on this Link to Download the PUBG Mobile

STEP 5 – Locate the APK File and Install it After Download

STEP 6 – The file Size is 624MB and can be downloaded only on Android Phones. It is not available for iPhone users.