PUBG Corp, the company behind the popular Battle Royale game PUBG has just added a new feature to the game. This new change will help improve the gameplay in a significant manner for players playing in teams. Taking a closer look, this new and upcoming change is a waypoint system. The feature will allow players to set detailed movement commands on the map. It is interesting to note that the allies of the player can see the commands. This will allow teams to move in a more coordinated manner on the map. It will also ensure that no player is left behind or navigating the map through a separate, long path.

PUBG Waypoint system details

The game developer is currently testing this feature in a test server before rolling it out to all the players. It is worth noting that the feature will roll out for PUBG players playing the PC or console game. PUBG Corp has not revealed any plans of the timeline for the waypoint feature for PUBG Mobile. Moving back to the update, this new feature will roll out in the update patch version 5.2. As part of the feature, players can select a starting point and then add three additional movement points.

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According to a report from Polygon, this update will also improve some other aspects of the game. These improvements include an update to the Vikendi snow map in the game. As noted in the report, Vikendi has always been a Sniper-friendly portion of the map. However, as part of the update, the company will change the terrain layout and buildings on the map to make things more Sniper-friendly.


This update will also add something known as PUBG Labs. This section of the game will allow PUBG Corp to enable and experiment with different types of gameplay modes and rules. Players can head to this section and play these experimental gameplay types. In addition, they can also provide feedback regarding the new modes. The company is planning to roll out the new update on November 20 on PC and November 26 on Consoles.