Survival Mastery was a feature that was teased back in June with the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Development Update. And now the devs have announced that the feature is coming to PC test servers tomorrow and main servers on September 24. This comes in response to players wanting more ways to track their gameplay and the improvements they make as players. The first feature under the new progression initiative: Weapon Mastery was introduced in April. The new segment of the progression system is Survival Mastery.

What is Survival Mastery?

Survival Mastery is a progression feature designed as a companion system to Weapon Mastery. Where Weapon Mastery is all about the proficiency in combat, Survival Mastery focuses on the story as a player. In other words, the goal with this system is to help players recognize their own abilities and reward their success after each match. They get to decide what kind of player they’re going to be. The first thing players will notice in this system is the Survivor Level. Surviving bluezone phases, performing key actions and just staying alive all play a role in how much XP players will earn towards their next Level. The better they perform, the faster they’ll progress. Just like Weapon Mastery, all progress related to Survivor Mastery can be found in the Mastery menu under its own tab.


This is a new way for players to express themselves and their achievements. All the rewards players unlock in Survival Mastery open up new options for customizing their PUBG ID.

Changes to Last Match tab

Devs are also adding a couple new tabs to the last match screen to help players better track their progress from match to match. First up is the new summary tab that provides high level information about their progression and performance. Also new in the Last Match screen is the survival timeline. With the survival timeline, devs are giving players a detailed recap of all the survival actions performed in a match. Survival actions include but are not limited to combat, looting and healing.

Besides these there are plans to introduce new features in this vein in the future. Here are all the details of this update.