New Delhi: Pressing ahead with its ambitious plan to adopt ‘Head on Generation’ (HoG) technology, Indian Railways is all set to replace one of the power cars in its trains with ‘LSLRD’ (LHB second luggage, guard and ‘divyaang’ compartment).

This LSLRD will have the capability to convert power from the overhead supply (or, HoG technology) to be utilised in the train. Further, it will also provide space for luggage guard room and extra passengers.

Railways plans to convert all its Link Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches to HoG system by this year. All its LHB coaches are being made HoG compliant at its various production units.

As part of HoG adoption process, 342 trains have already been made HoG compliant while 284 will be converted by the year-end. Dedicated filed officers at Zonal Railways are executing this conversion process.

Of the 342 trains which have already been converted, 16 are Humsafar trains, 14 Shatabdi, 13 Rajdhani, 11 Duronto, Sampark Kranti 6and 282 other Mail/Express trains. The 284, which will be converted by year-end are 12 Rajdhani trains, 8 Shatabdi, Humsafar 8, Sampark Kranti 7, Duronto 6 and 243 other Mail/Express trains.

In Head on Generation Technology, power is taken from the overhead electric supply (OHE). Once fully implemented, it will replace the power cars which make huge noise and emit fumes. Two such power cars will be replaced by a standby silent generator car for emergency and the aforementioned LSLRD.

The technology will also help save the cost of power per unit. At present, power costs Rs 36/unit, while with HoG it will come at only Rs 6 per unit.