Xiaomi sub-brand Redmi seems to be working on expanding its product portfolio in the market. The company has launched a number of smartphones in past few months. And now it reportedly plans to launch a new Redmi-branded TV. According to a new report, it looks like the TV has just received certification in the Chinese market. The upcoming TV was spotted on Chinese certification website 3C. This move likely indicates that the company is all set to launch the anticipated product in the market. There is not much known about the Redmi TV, but the certification listing did reveal some information.

Redmi TV details

According to a report by Chinese website MyDrivers, we now know some details about the upcoming Redmi TV. The report spotted the model number along with the manufacturing plant of the TV on the 3C certification listing. Taking a closer look at the listing, the certified Redmi-branded TV sports L70M5-RA model number. It is likely that the TV will be produced by TPV Display Technology in Xiamen. Similar to past 3C product listings, we are not aware about much information beyond the model number and the likely production plant.

However, taking a look at past reports, Redmi TV is likely to launch in two different sizes. The smaller of the two Redmi TVs is expected to feature a 40-inch panel. Moving to the larger one, we are likely to get a smart TV with 70-inch display panel. Taking a look at all the Redmi-branded devices that launched in past few months, we can expected value-for-money products. Redmi is likely to compete with its parent company Xiaomi for a larger pie of the Chinese smartphone market.

There is no word on the launch timeline for the TV. However, the 3C certification indicates that the company is all set to launch the TV in coming weeks, if not days. The certification listing comes just days before Redmi CEO Wu Leibing hinted at plans to enter the smart tv market.