Reliance Communications, owned by Anil Ambani, is giving a tough challenge to other operators just like Reliance Jio which is besting all in the 4G space. However, for Reliance Communications, which has still stuck to 2G and 3Gb and not yet entered the 4G space, they are trying to win their customers with offers on voice calls and throuhg message packs. Since Reliance Jio, owned by big brother Mukesh Ambani has been making splashes for their amazing offers and free calling schemes, Reliance Communications, not wanting to remain behind, is coming out with smart offers and packs too. Although these packs come with a monthly validity, they are simple and make the tasks of users easy by offering great discounts and schemes. The latest to be launched by Reliance Communications is the  free voice calling pack.Also Read - Jio and Google Cloud To Work on 5G Technology. All You Need To Know

The free voice calling pack can be activated for just Rs 149 monthly and apart from all free voice calls, it also gives the user 300 MB internet. There’s no cap on the number of minutes or the duration during which the free calls can be made. Additionally, the free calls are not restricted only to Reliance networks. They are applicable across all network providers. For example – even if you, a Reliance user, makes a cal to Vodafone, it will not be charged. Additionally, this offer is not restricted to only local calls but also covers STD calls. So at just Rs 149 a month, all calls – local and STD are completely free. The offer is presently launched in 17 Reliance Communications telecom circles. However, the 5 East Indian circles, West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Assam and Northeast will not be able to access or use the offer. Also Read - Mukesh Ambani Buys Britain's Iconic Country Club Stoke Park for Whopping 57 Million Pounds

The offer comes right on the heels of the new Reliance Global Call offer the company launched recently. Under the Reliance Global Call offer, Reliance Communications gives users a chance to make international calls for free. Instead of the whole calling card concept, it works through an app. Further, the Reliance Global Call app works across all networks – meaning anyone with the app irrespective of their network, be it Reliance or something else can make internal calls at dirt cheap prices. International calls can also be made to landlines. The rates for international calls start at Rs 1.2 per minute and go to Rs 1.5 per minute. The Reliance Global Call app was launched for calling 5 regions – USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and China. Calls from international locations to home countries can also be made. Reliance Global Call unveils international calling app with international calls for just Rs 1.2 per minute! Also Read - Gautam Adani Becomes One of World's Top 20 Billionaires With USD 59.9 Billion

Reliance Communications is targeting the budget conscious feature-phone market with this move. Although Indians do use smartphones, over 50 percent of the Indian market is still stuck to feature phones. Since the new Rs 149 Unlimited Calling offer by Reliance is not restricted to just 4G smartphones and can be used by those with access to 2G, 3G or even basic feature phone call & text devices, it aims to target the price sensitive Indian. According to Reliance Communications co-CEO Gurdeep Singh, “The new unlimited plan is set to change the dynamics of mobile recharges in India, as customers move away from a traditional revenue per minute tariff model to a service subscription model based on ARPU. There are hundreds of millions of older 2G handset-owners in India, and RCom is positioning the new bucket plan of unlimited voice calls with 300 MB of data to get them hooked to data. The fact that this offer comes without any “Terms and Conditions Apply” is an added bonus for users!